Creating passionate, independent learners.

Hermosa Montessori School fosters independence, confidence and excitement for learning in a warm and welcoming environment.
Our hands-on, ‘whole child’ approach engages children’s curiosity and self-expression to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Beyond a traditional school environment.

Our innovative, customized curriculum is designed to support each child’s unique learning style and offers them freedom to explore and pursue their natural curiosity and interests. The result are happy, independent learners with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their personal & educational journeys.

⭐ Programs from Preschool – Middle School
⭐ Children grow & learn at their own pace
⭐ Enrichment prgrams including art, music, chess, SARSEF & more
⭐ Focus on ’21st century’ skills like collaboration, global awareness & critical thinking
⭐ Small classes: low student-teacher ratio
⭐ Convenient location
⭐ Family-based tuition available

✨Offering programs from Preschool through Middle School.✨

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Openings for children 3 to 14 years old

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Hermosa Montessori School

Hermosa Montessori School is a private Tucson preschool and a tuition-free public charter school for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students. Hermosa offers a uniquely designed learning environment for students from preschool through middle school. Our classrooms are supportive communities of students and teachers that respect children as unique individuals. Each classroom community is designed to correspond to students’ developmental characteristics, interests, and abilities. Hermosa Montessori starts with the premise that children naturally want to learn, they learn in many different ways, and at their own pace. Learning is focused on experience, investigation, and research through active engagement, not rote drill and memorization.

“Imagine a place where your child is always greeted warmly and made to feel welcome with a parent-communication experience that keeps you informed and confident that your child has fallen in love with learning.”

High Expectations

Hermosa School sets high expectations for all students, both academically and personally. We encourage students to strive for their personal best, rather than compete against one another for the highest grade. Activities at Hermosa are structured to facilitate the development of intrinsic motivation, and personal responsibility. Hermosa students are encouraged to apply themselves to increasingly challenging work across academic disciplines. They are taught to write, speak, and think clearly and thoughtfully. They learn how to integrate new concepts, analyze data, and think critically. Students also have opportunities to serve as peer tutors and participate in local community service, which helps develop character traits such as compassion, helpfulness, cooperation, and empathy. Hermosa graduates often display an exceptional ability to think creatively and to express themselves confidently.

Location Map

12051 E. Ft. Lowell Tucson, Az 85749

A Little About Our Programs

Preschool and Kindergarten Ages 3-6

A carefully prepared classroom environment provides opportunities for children to actively learn in a multi-aged community. Hermosa’s preschool and kindergarten programs recognize the importance of the first six years of life and children’s self-motivation. Certified Montessori teachers guide children to use concrete materials to learn math concepts, and child size movable alphabets to explore language and begin to read and write. Other beautifully designed materials provide lessons in:

  • practical life
  • sensory development
  • language arts
  • math
  • art
  • science
  • geography
  • Cultural awareness
  • Music and movement

Lower Elementary (Ages 6-9)

Hermosa elementary students in grades 1-3 do not spend time on rote memorization, and drills. Teachers do not teach to the test, nor assign test taking homework. Students learn in a multi-age community using an interdisciplinary curriculum model designed to correspond to the developmental stages of children aged 6-9. A variety of materials are used to teach abstract concepts and Arizona Academic Standards.

Upper Elementary (Ages 9-12)

Upper elementary level (4th-6th grade) students gradually move from manipulative materials to a greater understanding of abstract concepts. Academic content grows more complex. Montessori materials are used to illustrate and teach concepts and Arizona Academic Standarads. Mastery learning assumes a new dimension in the upper elementary class as math assessments are used to help determine student progress. Students have many opportunties to practiace 21st century skills such as self-direacted learning, collaboration, communication, and problem solving.

Middle School (Ages 12-14)

The years between 12-14 encompass a time of rapid growth and change both physically and emotionally. Hermosa’s middle school environment corresponds to the developmental needs of this age group. The program uses a model inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori’s work, and refined, developed and implemented by Dr. Elizabeth Coe in the 1980’s at the School of the Woods in Houston, Texas. It uses an interdisciplinary academic curriculum model that emphasizes 21st century skills as well as personal and social responsibility, communication skills, and empowerment. Practical application of academic knowledge is also part of the curriculum.

Hear it from our parents!

“This is our fourth year at Hermosa. I have a child in third grade and a child in preschool. We have been very happy with the authentic Montessori environment of this school. The school has high training standards for the teachers it employs. My older child has needed extra help in a couple of areas. I know that about a third of the current school population receives Special Services (Special Education). The fact that this school is still excelling in spite of that number really speaks to the quality of the teachers and the Special Education staff. Our teachers get paid less than their district counterparts (unfortunately), and work at Hermosa because it’s what they are called to do. Family and friends always comment on how polite and conversational my children are, much of which I definitely attribute to the Montessori environment.”

Hermosa Parent

“I am a new parent at Hermosa. My child came from a co-operative pre-school prior to transitioning to Hermosa. This school took very pro-active measures to ensure my child had a gentle and intentional phase in to full day kindergarten. This made all the difference for our daughter to feel secure with her new environment, caregivers/teachers and community. I have only been met with a community and staff that has the highest emotional quotient of any school I have researched. I spent two hours with the director who also addressed all my questions regarding all the new neuroscience and neuropsychology in education. It was important to me to find a K-8 school to minimize transitions and provide her the tools she needed to be not only a critical thinker but a creative one. I have no doubt that this school takes the time to address the needs of all at a level that supports their individuation and long term growth.”

Hermosa Parent

“My oldest is finishing 8th and has attended since kinder. I love the culture. The children’s needs are put first. They allow them to excel at their own pace. They use high-quality teaching practices. The kinder amazing. The middle school is an outstanding program based on Maria Montessori’s guidelines. They teach the whole child; instructing them with above grade level content, college-level discussions, and focus on teaching the children how to self-assess, metacognate, and the morals and virtues needed to rise and be successful citizens after they leave. They are study the heroic journey, and have integrated this theme across the curriculum. This will culminate with them accomplishing their year-long individual goal and then going on on a week-long high adventure trip. My student has thrived in this program. This program should be at every MS to guide and lift every teen into good mental health habits. After 8.5 years, I’m still so impressed. Please take a tour and see for yourself.”

Hermosa Parent

“The teachers are very helpful and really care about, and go the extra mile for their students. The curriculum involves everything from math and sciences to things like personal reflection, at least in the middle school, and it is not structured like a traditional classroom. The teachers will give lessons, and offer halo when it is needed, but the students are also expected to seek help from and help one another, and they are all given lists of assignments they need to complete for that week and expected to finish them either in the work time provided in class, or at home.”

Hermosa Parent

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